Are there ghosts? Soul!!!

Are there ghosts? Soul!!!

Are there ghosts? Soul!!!

Written by Jogeshwari Sadhir Sahu


The meaning of writing this book is not to promote superstition or to scare the readers, but to eradicate the fear in the minds of the readers because there is a soul and there is also a ghost but we make it negative because we get scared. We have been scared from the beginning due to which our belief has become that where there are ghosts, there is fear, there is despair, there are shadows etc. While there is a world of ghosts, they also have rules and regulations. Ghosts are both friendly and scary, it is up to us how we accept them. So get ready, I am writing about what I have felt about ghosts.

Whether we believe in ghosts or not is up to us, but ghosts exist, this truth has been accepted in all religions. Generally, there is a lot of scaring in the name of ghosts and everyone spreads fear, this increases the negative energy.

Are there ghosts? Soul

Yes, there are ghosts and I have seen and felt them, lost a lot in life and may have gained something.

Why not be a ghost?

If there is a soul and life is lost when the soul leaves, then there must be ghosts. We all know that as soon as the soul leaves the human body, it becomes lifeless and then it no longer breathes. Life lasts only as long as the soul exists and no one can tell when and why the soul will leave the body.

If modern science rejects the theory of ghosts, then why is it not able to bring the body back to life after the soul leaves it? Can science invent the soul? If science can create a soul which can bring a man back to life when he dies, then we will believe that science is perfect, otherwise science is fine till materiality.

Because of the soul, it can be believed that ghosts exist because when the soul leaves the body and the body becomes lifeless, then where does the soul go?

Perhaps it does not go anywhere if its death is not natural, then the soul remains where its left body remains. Like when my puppies were killed by poisoning, Chhotu did not even accept that he was dead and he was constantly seen roaming and running in my dreams, which cannot be called his ghost because in the dreams he was seen only in an apparitional form and was able to convey his presence and Registering the stubbornness.

If someone is seen physically after death, then he is called a ghost. There is only an impression in the dream, the soul is seen in the same form in which the person was with us, even if he is no longer there, he is still coming in the dream.

Ghosts appear where there is negativity and where there is desolation and despair, therefore if someone passes away then one should not mourn for a long time because this will only make the person who is leaving more sad. He has not yet separated from us, so our disappointments will make him immobile and listless.

Take care of yourself and engage in good work. Do good deeds like giving food to the hungry and just work. By acting in a hurry, you will please those enemies who have destroyed your own people, then you will be alone.

I have seen that those who become alone, have no one and those who abandon their own people, their life becomes very lonely and they become like ghosts. So take care of yourself. Maintain the place where your lost loved one lived or leave it so that the place can be renovated.

Don’t give a chance to become a ghost. Even the desolate and desolate places are blessed by the saints who punish them with their worship and aarti. Just like dead bodies are always burnt on the Ghats of Banaras, but the joy of the Aarti performed there collectively keeps it alive.

If you feel any ghost or negative energy then always make it positive with aarti and prayer. Run a langar there, build an ashram, a temple, a church or a Gurudwara. Build a garden or a cowshed. Do good farming or set up some factory industry so that people can come and go and there will be excitement. If there is any farming or such collective work then there will be no disappointment. Of course you can leave it but settle down in such a place then even the ghosts will be happy and go on their new journey. And remember, remember and chant continuously.

It is true that there is death but there is also new birth. In between, it is necessary to free the soul from the negative emotions and free it from that suffering so that it can get freedom.

Temples, ghats and prayer houses will become doors to heaven for the soul and any place where there is a hotel, an office or any new construction takes place. If any destitute gets help or there is a hospital or a doctor’s clinic or any good work is done there then the soul will find happiness.

Those who are always immersed in the feelings of revenge and anger remain ghosts, hence free yourself from such wrong habits and things, forgive those who have tortured us, if you can get justice for your loved ones, then it is good, otherwise it is all on God. Leave it.

I do not want us to exploit such a subject and create any horror as nowadays, considering horror as a medium to earn money, wrong films are being made, such shootings are done deliberately to create fear, pictures are made, myths are created and so on. Whatever we imagine happens.

Be careful but do not give him useless footage so that the fear increases and the viewer may have a heart attack by the climax. Whatever you write, it should be positive and the film should also be made on positive thoughts.

Here, even after the Mahabharata, Pandavas had performed Tarpan to the Kauravas. There is a tradition of Tarpan. Christians pray all this so that those who died due to an accident get peace and move towards a new journey. They get salvation and have a new birth. Because nature is being destroyed every moment and new creation is also taking place.

Jogeshwari Sadhir sahu @copyright


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