blooming days..

Blooming days..

Those were blooming days…
Due to being very tired today, I felt sore eyes in the afternoon. When I woke up after some time, I saw that the sunny day was shining outside the window and there was a different excitement before Diwali. I got lost in the past, which seems to be from a past life because it is so long ago.
It seems as if life has gone missing when I remember those days.
Those were also such blossoming days which I used to remember and whose memories I spent years holding on to.
My husband is no more, he has gone away from us but the excitement of Diwali with him was very sweet. I have lovely memories of that time..
It seemed as if a convoy of memories was moving towards me, surrounding me.. Childhood memories.. That village courtyard.. The chirping birds and the flowers blooming in the courtyard used to make my mind happy.. My mind used to be full of joy. I will tell you slowly how those memories were.. 



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