Even if you are alone

Even if you are alone…[Poem]

self-written, original poem

Even if you are alone, you will never be alone.

The caravan will always be with you

Even if no one speaks to you or tells you

but it will be inside you

spirit of patriotism

you have to do something for the country

you will always be longing

if you love your country

You will not consider only your own people as your own.

Otherwise, you will love every hardworking person.

And you will share everyone’s sorrow by sitting with them.

Will you discuss the progress of the country?

Will fill everyone with enthusiasm to do something

Ghar! You love the country..

So you want to make every child laugh

You won’t see anyone crying anywhere

where there will be no one to ask you

Even then you will move forward and extend the hand of friendship.

And you will hug everyone..

Be it sadness or happiness, you will be useful to everyone.

You will be satisfied here that you

Love this country always!

Poet -Jogeshwari Sadhir Sahu




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