Husband's last journey

Husband’s last journey

Husband’s last journey.. ..Today when I passed by the Virat Nagar crematorium, I remembered the day when my husband left us and went on his last journey and I was laughing hysterically with my son, sometimes feeling sad, just did not cry. I was feeling that he had gone away and my mind was not able to understand that it was our sorrow that we were facing but we were not able to understand anything,When my husband’s bier was ready, my brother took him in the ambulance. I along with my sister and son were about to leave after mopping the flat. My brother’s call was coming. Somehow, after mopping, we closed the flat and came running away. When my husband’s dead body was laid on the pyre, I saw the expressions on his face and faceAccording to him, some red gulal etc. was applied, it was a different decoration for his last momentsHe was so proud that he was very fair and handsome, but even at the last moment his face was bright, we were only five people from the house.
As soon as we arrived, he was quickly given a mask in the hands of his son and in no time his body burst into flames in the process of being destroyed. I looked like a fraud and kept taking the reel. Many pyres were burning, I had never gone to the crematorium, but today I bid farewell to my husband.
It seemed as if the crematorium officials were waiting for us and as soon as we arrived, they sent my husband on his last journey. After he left, for so many days I kept remembering him and even kept seeing him in my dreams.
Even today, when I pass by the crematorium, I remember the day of his last farewell. True, when the time comes to go, no one stops even for a moment, time starts passing very fast.. What can I say? I also want to forget that time because it hurts my heart. In all the houses where accidents happen, people want to forget the shock of the death of their loved ones because the memory is always very painful.. 


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