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Iconic &iron lady Aarti Sharma

iconic & iron lady Aarti SharmaAarti Sharma is an iron woman, a young woman who can be iconic because of her courage, bravery and passion. Aarti is showing a new path to everyone. She has selflessly started this movement and is determined to continue doing so even though she was asked by her father to step back when she became a victim of violence, but not for her own purpose. Is digi.Aarti has proved that serving the animals and feeding them is the true worship. True worship is to fill the stomach of the hungry creatures who are wandering here and there due to hunger and thirst. For them, Aarti forgets her personal problems and runs away – This woman who is running has done so much courage and risk in her youthI will call her today’s Jhansi Rani. She is a true heroine. Her birthday is coming soon. All the compassionate animal lovers will provide moral and financial help to the girl who risked her life to feed the street dogs. Its Gpay number is Dog friend Aarti Sharma 7767834119Honorable Kalaivani Rajdev Madam has provided huge financial help to Aarti just yesterday, we thank her and wish her long life.


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