It's never too late (motivational)

It’s never too late (motivational)

It’s never too late (motivational)

Jogeshwari Sadhir Sahu

Everyone says it’s too late, life has passed, what will you do now?What will you do now? So what if I die?

If you have heard this saying every time you wake up in the morning, it must not have been made without reason.

Those who say life is late, neither live themselves nor allow others to live, God save us from such people.

If I had listened to these people, my life would have been ruined.

The interesting thing is that today I am writing this book in the new year, I am replying to such people who used to ask for my son, now it is too late, what will he do? So will you people take away my son’s right to live?

My son, who suffered a pain at the age of 11, when a very dirty person entered our life, when his dark shadow fell on our family, what a very bad impact it had on my son’s childhood mind. We were unable to understand what happened? The behavior of the people was intolerant. People used to curse the son. I too was joining them but I thought that I would know what had happened to the son.

Just found out that there was a hurt on her heart which was difficult to bear, now she was trying to get rid of it. I wish she could have found a partner too.

We can’t stop living life? Life has to be lived, we have to move forward, we have to keep growing, this is the message I am writing in the new year 2023.

We become new every moment, our skin remains the same but the matter can change. Have a new desire in the new year.

Life disintegrates in a moment and becomes difficult to handle, but when we think of controlling ourselves, we control ourselves and move ahead.

In this way, when everyone was saying that now my son’s life has become useless, I still did not lose hope and when he completed religious studies and moved towards his goal of charity and his health was so useless, I finally felt that things were getting better.

If I thought that now there was nothing left to do, then I let him do whatever he wanted to do, although it cost us a lot of money, but new paths started opening up. The son’s hobby was to visit all the religious places and donate there. In this way, when everyone was turning their backs on us, we chose the path of our interest and walked on it.

Earlier, my son wanted to get tuition but everyone refused, due to which he got frustrated and started falling ill. He had worked very hard in his higher secondary studies, so he wanted to teach him, this would open the way for him to study further where he could do the work of his interest, but my elder sister asked him to study further. Whereas I had to understand it myself. Following the advice of others, I repeatedly suppressed my son’s will and he became ill. The disease from which it took us 11 years to get rid of. Just a few months ago, he was in a very bad mental condition, but two puppies of a bitch came to our house in the rain and after seeing them, my son has started becoming normal with them.

I have to work hard but my son is getting comfortable, the playfulness of the bitch’s puppies is making him feel good.

When times are very bad, you will see a path emerging from nowhere which will be beyond imagination. We also chose a similar path. The son himself said, let’s go to prayer. First Jain went to Sheetal Muni’s ashram. Then went to Nirankari Samagam. Went to Gurudwara. And he goes to the tomb and church as per the rules. Many things seemed disappointing to me but we will find a way and move forward.

When I do good work, my son will definitely understand it and do it in my absence. Thinking this, I started writing books and posting them on Amazon. Everyone said what will happen from this? But my books are my identity and they will definitely take me somewhere.

A boy was not able to do well in his exam paper and because of his low marks, his mother and sister harassed him so much that he consumed poison and almost died. Have some patience.

everything will be alright. When my elder brother left the engineering class and returned in what state of mind, what did we all say to him? But our parents supported him and bought him a Matador with which he could get married. Had children but later had to sell the car. When I got hired as a contractual teacher, there was no job there either. Then taught tuition somewhere. Then did farming. What didn’t you do by rearing cows?

The poor guy then used to go from Balaghat village to Raipur on bicycle. In this way he spent his days in great pain. Once he even drove the truck and the owner did not pay the full amount. While doing all this, he sold his land and educated his sons. The other brother also helped him. And today this time has come that one of his sons has got a job in the bank and the wife of the other son is teaching. In this way, he faced life with great patience.

Today I also have to listen to many things, people show contempt but my son has mastered English and computer and he does not have to get bored even alone in life, he helps me in every work.

You must be patient and bear it, you will get what you want.

It is never too late, use your knowledge and experience, this will definitely give you peace and direction. Do gardening and serve animals, your career will shine. You will find a way, even if everyone does not come together in your life, you will still be able to live well.

Don’t always think negatively, always learn something and do it yourself, let others do it too.

In this way, this is my 25th book on Amazon. Next, I am writing the story of Alha-Udal. I have put more books on Kindle, see if you ever get time and do new work with new enthusiasm in the new year.

Happy New Year to all of you ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน

Jogeshwari sadhir sahu @copyright



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