Kalaivani ji always seves sick and wounded dogies.

Kalaivani ji is animal-lover


kalaivani ji! true creature-servant
Kalaivani ji is a true animal lover and is always engaged in the service of animals. She is providing service and treatment to the dogs within her limited resources and income. His loyalty is limitless. She often becomes sad when she thinks about the suffering of cows being killed in the slaughterhouse and tears start flowing from her eyes. She cannot see the suffering of any living being and remains ready to help them. I always tell Kalaivani ji that you should not be so sad, it will cause depression and your health will also deteriorate. But she says that why should I not think about the pain caused by killing cows due to the fear of depression, this is her true sympathy for all those voiceless creatures… God! Support her sensitivities and give all the creatures a chance to live. Provide.
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