Kalaivani ji!as i found her…

I always found Kalaivani ji very emotional. She is a true animal lover and despite her limited income, she is busy in feeding all the dogs. For this, she runs her own shop in which she prepares Dosa, Idli and Mendu Bada material and sells it ready. She works very hard in this. A few days ago, a man had defrauded him of Rs 3000 by saying that he would send him urad dal. She loved one of her dogs, Ganesh, and when he died, she cried a lot.
She is very sad about the atrocities on animals and says that if such atrocities happen on animals then the world will end. I tell them not to make themselves so sad.
She always asks me to come to Kolkata, I also want to go but Kolkata is very far away 


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