KALAIVANI JI is great animal lover.

Kalaivani Rajdev A true animal -lover

kalaivani rajdev! true animal loverKalaivani Rajdev lives in Calcutta, sells Dosa-Idli Shira and through this business, she feeds 2 to 300 dogs & cats. She is a true animal lover and always sheds tears on the plight of animals. Not only this, if she has time, she also helps others. Now she sent help to Aarti ji. I had mentioned about Aarti’s problem in my earlier blog. In this way Kalaivani ji proved that she not only treats and feeds the animals but also helps if someone is in trouble due to the feeding of the animals. However, they too need similar help but she She also runs her own business, which she started with her mother-in-law in 1999 for just Rs 30/-Had started.Many people had also cheated her in this connection. But Kalaivani ji believes in Sai Baba and always prays to her deity for the welfare of the animals. God will give her long life.


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