Masturbation disease or addiction

Masturbationor those who are living alone and who due to some reason did not get the support of their partner, they are victims of this problem. According to the doctor, every man and woman has sexual excitement, he gets strokes, then he has to fulfill his physical needs, then he tries to masturbate in wrong and right ways. It is wrong because he himself does not know how to fulfill his desire, it is wrong in doing so, but if there is no companionship then he fulfills it artificially, due to this he suffers from guilt and his health also gets disturbed. If you do it for a long time, everything gets destroyed and many types of problems arise.
Many times, even after having a partner, people indulge in masturbation due to addiction. This is a perverted lifestyle because they have become habituated to fulfill their sexual desires alone and start getting pleasure in it.
It causes deterioration in health, irritability and excessive weakness and the person affected by it becomes completely lonely and helpless. Feet and tongue waver and with increasing age they become completely worn out. And a complex disease like hysteria occurs. Such a person breaks down, starts moving away from society and is always disappointed. Problems like curvature of penis in boys lead to thoughts of suicide. People are unable to find partners and the problem persists. Men also become victims of this due to lack of marital relations and even get paralysis attacks. Heart related diseases can also occur, hence do not talk negative things in front of your children and engage them in creativity.
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