Meaning of life: in Hindi movie songs

Meaning of life: in Hindi movie songs…

Meaning of life: in Hindi movie songs

Written by Jogeshwari Sadhir Sahu


The meaning of life is to come and go

To steal life from one moment of life…

This immortal composition has transformed the lives of so many people. Today I too got inspired by this song that I have to live. By becoming weak, those little angels will also become weak, whose lives were taken away by those who were jealous of me, that too before they were just 4 months old… so I don’t want to lose my strength. If we are disappointed then we will also disappoint the environment around us and it will have a bad effect on our children, hence I decided to live strong and handle everything and also keep remembering Shiva for the little friends so that they are gone. He too should move forward firmly on the path of new birth and liberation.

So let’s go! We will learn about such great entertaining songs of Hindi cinema, talk about them, remember them and steal some special happy moments.

There is no answer to the songs of Hindi cinema. We remember all the songs we heard from childhood till today and whenever we get to listen to those songs, we relive the past moments, that is why the poet of the film Nikaah had written –

The pain of past moments will be with you

Our past is included in these songs, that is why when we listen to the moments we once spent, it seems as if we are living them again.

Who knows how many songs you might remember at any time and automatically start humming them.

Whenever I have heard a love song, it has forced me not only to hum but to sing, this song written by Santosh Anand is full of inspiration to live.

Life and nothing else is your story and mine.

What a positive philosophy this song has.. The meaning of life is to come and go, which is the motto of our Indian philosophy and religion that the meaning of life is to come and go, to stop is death. What will happen if you stop? We have to keep travelling, we have to keep moving forward. Inspired by this feeling, I got ready to face the cruel truth of life with double the enthusiasm that if I give up then the life of my husband and son will also become useless and I have to take care of them too. We will remember those who were gone, take the name of God and wish for their new birth and new happiness, not just remember them, get sick and make the people associated with you sad.

Because those who have left will still get good energy from us, then their spiritual journey will move forward whereas those who have stayed will not be able to live, then negative energy will increase everywhere which will destroy life.

Because life is a song of love and we have to sing it in every situation, that is why we get inspiration from the song of the film Sautan. So why not move life forward by singing and humming and don’t stop. As much as one has his heart, he will get that much gift and if the flowers do not bloom, we will have to endure even with thorns. This is the positive message that these songs of the film are giving us.

We once heard a song from Vinod Khanna’s movie Imtihaan, it had such a lovely message…

Don’t stop anywhere, get lost and walk on the thorns, you will meet the shadows of spring.. O! Rahi! O! Rahi!

That is, we all are travelers, we have to move in life, not stop, but move like Dhuni…

Evenings become pleasant days after waiting…

What beautiful words are there that after waiting, a pleasant evening will come. Go on! O traveler! Even if you have no companion or caravan, this is your test. Similarly, walk with the support of your heart where your destination is waiting.. keep going!

This song from Manoj Kumar ji’s film Shor is also no less inspiring… Ke Chali Dupahari Sham Ke Rangmahal Mein…

Life is all about going on, if it stops then it is not life at all.. Life has to be lived even in sorrow, life has to be drunk even with poison, life has to be lived by laughing, life has to be lived by crying too…

That’s why this song filmed on Nargis in the film Mother India, which has been filmed on Shamshad Begum, is so inspiring that even after falling, one will remain steady in trouble… Only the one who has given you sorrow will remove the sorrow. If we have come into this world, we will have to live.

This song once gave recognition to the struggling life of Indian villages for decades that one who lives with dignity will die with dignity.

This song had drawn the blueprint of the painful life of the people of Indian villages that if you work hard then no work is difficult…whatever one does, the same will be done…

This song had presented the true picture of Indian philosophy and people’s mentality and was played in all festivals and family celebrations, be it a wedding or any program, this song created a positive atmosphere.

Fakira, come on, come on..

This song is also very inspiring…

Everyone has their own personality, Suraj Chanda, in whom he rains as much as he sees, that’s why Fakira, move on, move on.

There is so much truth in this song, so don’t lose courage, keep going because life is beyond death. Remember those who have gone, not with sadness, but with happy moments spent with them, so that those who have gone ahead do not feel sad and move ahead in their journey. Keep growing.

What a good message this song has given..

Man is a traveller, he comes and goes.

This song had a big role in the film Apnapan becoming a hit…

Man is a traveller, he comes and goes and leaves memories on the way.

And we have to get the happiness of life from those memories only. What will we get by being sad? Those who have gone will also be sad, so let them continue their journey peacefully.

I used to listen to this song a lot on my own before Chhotu and W left, but now I don’t feel like listening to it. They have gone and moved ahead. We have to create a good environment for them by doing charity and chanting so that they can take rebirth and if they get a new birth, then why listen to this song, I have heard it a lot, so without them we move ahead saying that we have no complaints because we have to move ahead. .

Another sad song was by Saraswati Chandra.

Leave the whole world for someone, it is not suitable for a man..

That’s why we have to live, move forward and embrace life, create a positive environment around us, crying unnecessarily and remaining sad is an escape. So come! Let us take a pledge to live life well and try to live for those who are dependent on you. It is very easy to be sad but it is better to live happy and that is why there is a tradition of prayer, bhajan, kirtan and charity. These have been inserted so that the soul of the departed gets happiness and can find happiness in the new place.

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