Mission Mumbai (synopsys) Patriotic

Mission Mumbai (synopsys) Patriotic

Mission Mumbai (synopsys) Patriotic Genre Written by Jogeshwari Sadheer Troops of Pak Rangers are standing at attention in a military camp in Balakot Pok. The terrorist leaders come there in two gypsy vehicles firing with AK-47. Behind them is a convoy of twenty other vehicles. Which is open. The two terrorist leaders are Ghafoor of Lashkar and Jindal of Hurriyat. Dozens of terrorists are with them. Everyone is waiting for Chief MM i.e. Munis Malik. Isi Chief comes by helicopter. Everyone’s meetings are held in closed rooms. Ghafoor and Jindal say that they do not like the removal of Article 370 from Kashmir. Because the terrorists were becoming residents of Kashmir by posing as their son-in-law. Then when ISI Chief asks, he tells that he will spread terror in India through some people from his sources and will destroy Mumbai which is the financial capital of India. In this way, when all three of them talk to Ashraf, an Indian software engineer, on phone, the entire conversation about the terrorist conspiracy is caught by Major Vikram posted on the Indian border with his radar wing and this entire conversation is recorded and sent to RAW Director KK Bakshi. Send to. RAW Director immediately calls his meeting at the Headquarters where Captain Suhail Rana and Commander Mihir Bose are sent to Mumbai under Operation Eagle to foil the conspiracy of Mission Mumbai. The entire further story is the events of how Suhail Rana and Mihir Bose foil this terrorist plot. Along with this, there are also some such incidents where it has been told how these brave RAW agents ignore their families and remain engaged in protecting the country. Its climax and special real action scenes are also written and it is an action & spy drama full of entertainment. In this, I have not only written dialogues but would also like to write songs. Writer-Jogeshwari Sadhir Sahu Bimba Saar Nagar, Mumbai whatsapp 8109978163

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