My biodata

My biodata…

Name-Jogeshwari Sadhir Sahu

Writer, script writer, lyricist, dialogue writer, poet, story writer and social worker.

Education -B.Sc., LL.B.

Have done courses in Journalism and Script-Writer and Director.

Currently I am learning Photoshop from Macc Malad.

Writing – Published – 13 books have been published, out of which 5 are novels.

8 Script written, ready and registered.

Wrote 50 stories registered with SWA.

50 songs are registered from swa mumbai.

Currently learning Photoshop.

I write movie script writing, screen-play dialogues and songs.

I develop stories and scripts based on concepts, ideas and plots.

Would write dialogues in any screen-play.

I write drama plays.

I do voice over.

Being interested in movie direction, apart from assisting, I also help in narration and diction.

Writing Experience: I have been writing books, articles, poems, stories, blogs and reports for more than 30 years.

Apart from 13 books, more than 10000 works have been published in more than 1000 magazines and newspapers.

I have a wealth of original writing.

I have written novels and scripts on all subjects like historical, mythological, periodic and social.

I don’t like writing for free.

Here I have received free writing offers from many directors, which I have rejected.

Thought – If today I am asked to write on Indian warriors, I will be happy.

I write in Hindi but she reads and understands English.

I am eager to write on a dozen topics and characters from ancient and medieval Indian history.

Apart from the artistic side of writing, I have experience in professional and entertaining writing and practice it continuously.

Address-108/17 A Bimbisar Nagar Goregaon E Mumbai- 60

whatsapp 8109978163


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