Online fraud

Honorable Superintendent of Cyber ​​Police!

Nagpur Cyber ​​Police Station Sadar Cantonment Nagpur

Sub – Yesterday on 24-6-23, Balaji Transport Traders along with Dinesh Singh alias Raju Bhai made me deposit Rs 14000/- in the name of taking the goods by truck to Mumbai and switched off the phone.


When I had to take my household goods to Mumbai by truck, he contacted me in the name of Balaji Transport by calling me several times on mobile 7607984045 and took me into confidence that he would deliver my goods for Rs. 17000/-. He sent the qr code to pay Rs 1000/google before me. I refused that we would pay only after the goods are loaded. Then he said he would send the car.

Then yesterday a person named Dinesh Singh called us from mobile 8006784456 and said that he is sending a truck which is bringing a machine for Rs. 90000/-, the cost of the return trip is Rs. 14000/- and your goods will be taken away and you deposit Rs. 14000/- in our account.

Then I talked to my brother-in-law and convinced him by saying the same. Then one Deepak Purohit contacted the transport person that he will send the vehicle and load the goods but do not tell that you are someone different, say that we are relatives of Dinesh Singh.

Then talked to Deepak Purohit 9422106255, parked the car and then loaded the luggage. Balaji Transport guy said to deposit the money quickly. Dinesh said that the vehicle will not go until the money is deposited.

I also sent the receipt of payment of Rs 14000/ through QR code from Balaji Enterprises Kharbi.

But after taking the money, Balaji Transport and Dinesh Singh alias Raju Bhai switched off their phones and everyone got scared.

Deepak Purohit also called but both their phones were switched off.

After online fraud of Rs 14000, Balaji Transport and Dinesh Singh switched off the phone but WhatsApp is working.

After this incident, I went to Wathoda police station with my husband at 7.30pm but they said that there is no one there to file a cyber complaint. We called Cyber ​​Police Station Sadar from the same police station and talked to the police officer there and then we were asked to come today.

I am also sending pictures of some documents related to the complaint through email.

Please trace the account of Balaji Transport through its QR code and freeze it and get us our Rs 14000/-.

I have been cheated online twice before in Mumbai and I had complained about it at Vanrai police station in Mumbai.


Jogeshwari Sadhir Sahu

Kharbi Road Sai Baba Nagar Plot No. 150



With regards!


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