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Pls!support this animal lover brave lady Aarti Sharma

In Virar w Gokul Township, Aarti Sharma, a dog lover, was brutally killed by some women on the night of Dussehra, 24/10/23, when she was walking her female dog at night. The mob of these violent women beat up Aarti, insulting her badly and falsely accusing her of throwing meat in the pandal of Maa Durga. Brahmin girl Aarti was killed as part of a conspiracy to keep an old grudge by making baseless allegations against her. Taking advantage of this false accusation, those women accused her and beat up the poor girl. Those people had earlier also threatened Aarti with rape and murder. Aarti has lodged complaints against them at Arnala police station from time to time. There is a lame female dog living in the premises of Vinay Unique, Aarti brings chicken to it even at night and feeds it every 2 days. That poor black lame dog is not allowed to eat by anyone there, everyone beats it. When Aarti started feeding chicken to all the street dogs, everyone got irritated. These dogs are able to eat chicken only after Aarti feeds it in 2-3 days, otherwise they roam around hungry. For a long time, everyone has been harassing and threatening this pious young woman, who has shown kindness to living beings and feeds them to keep them alive, and while spreading false religious propaganda under the guise of Maa Durga, these women beat up Aarti, made her fall and beat her up, but Aarti kept crying. These cruel violent women did not tolerate. Those women took the law into their own hands and harmed Aarti’s honor by mob leaching her and beating her. He was wrongly accused. Aarti is shocked by this, her confidence is waning. He lost his job. When he appealed to the public representative for help, he was immediately asked to leave. Only a few animal lovers are giving him moral support. Aarti has lost her job. He has suffered a hair line fracture. He is in constant pain due to a compressed nerve. Her biggest pain is that she was feeding chicken to poor hungry dogs and she was blamed on religious pretexts. Aarti herself was observing Navratri fast and does puja, she is a Brahmin, yet by falsely accusing her, such a great noble deed was defamed, she was socially broken and her life was filled with darkness. Aarti works hard day and night to feed hungry street dogs, this is an act of great virtue. ,Aarti has revived the great Sanatani Rishi tradition and culture of India and given importance to it. As if this brave girl, who lived more for the service of living beings than her own life, is being destroyed by killing and spreading false propaganda, the good work is being punished by defaming it. This is not a good thing for our society. This is against the Indian culture in which all living beings are given a chance to live. Aarti served the living beings, risked her life to keep them alive and faced death. Today it needs your financial and moral support so that if there is kindness in the society then the society will survive otherwise it will turn into a selfish crowd. If service-oriented people are harassed by such false defamations, then the new generation in the society will never do good virtuous deeds again.Please help this saintly girl who is risking her life day and night for the animals by sending some amount to Aarti on dog friend Aarti Sharma Gpay 7767834119.Appeal by Jogeshwari Sadhir Sahu Writer & Blogger


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