Sinner who has sex with mother and daughter

Sinner who has sex with mother and daughter

Sinner who has sex with mother and daughter

a true story

This was told to me by the same person himself who had committed such a heinous incident. He was an unknown person whom I had trusted.

I, immersed in immense faith and love, did not know that the person had crossed the heights of sin.

When I wrote a story on the app about this act of that sinner, I was given an ultimatum that if I write such a story in the future, I will be blocked.

Then I could only tell that yes! This is true and the same person had very shamelessly told me that he had committed this crime and he had told it as a matter of bravery.

Such people often expose their sex life in front of their female friends to impress them.

It was the character of that person to always talk about private life and have obscene conversations.

We did not know much about him, but at that time, many people were roaming around posing as journalists, taking many facilities from the government, they were drunk and used to make many pretenses to show off, these powerful people.

His words were strange and he used to watch my reaction by saying such nonsense because his words used to shock me. My husband also had the habit of saying such stupid things. I tolerated it, it was my madness, otherwise the girls would have gone out today.

We think that today’s girls do not tolerate such things but many girls are still losing their lives in love because they do not know what will happen to them.

The man himself had shamelessly told me that he had robbed the honor of more than 100 girls.

At first I used to feel bad. Then he hurt me and said in many ways that he does not have a love relationship and I don’t know how he made me like a slave.

At first he talked very nice until he made me his victim, then he started telling me wrongly that he just wanted to have a relationship with his sisters or introduce me to a girl.

First he got trapped in the trap of love and after having a relationship he completely captured her and then made him an emotional slave.

He started telling me that if you want a love relationship then bring your sister and then talk further otherwise don’t do it.

A very dangerous man calling himself a Brahmin, a landlord and a Hindi officer in an ITI company.

Who knows whom he will tell.

He had gone to a writer’s place in Katni to express his sympathy for her widowhood and started talking about having a dirty relationship with that widowed writer.

Started telling that he had rode on him like an animal.

The writer, who probably did some job, was at home with her young daughter.

This dog badly sexually assaulted the writer and committed unnatural rape with her. When she became alone after her husband’s death, Katni went to her house to express her sympathy and had sex with her like an animal.

He used to tell such disgusting things.

He used to have sexual relations with every writer and poet and talk dirty and obscenely in the name of literature.

When the widowed writer’s daughter saw him committing misdeeds, he became happy.

This dirty disgusting man did not even spare the young girl whose mother he had sex with, did disgusting things to her daughter when that woman went to work, then he went to her daughter, seduced her and then ran away after having dirty relations with her.

When the daughter asked what he was doing with his mother, he molested the girl and said that he was doing all this with your mother.

Saying that he will do things with you if she wants, he ended up doing even worse things.

Then the widowed writer must have realized that what was happening to her daughter was also happening to her, so she quickly got her daughter married.

In this way, that obscene and ugly, short, fat and ugly man played with the pride of that widow and escaped in search of a new woman and girl. This was the aim of his life to enjoy and get away.

Where once respect has been looted, it does not return there so that it does not get caught.

The stories of his disgusting debauchery are very long. He would forcefully insert the topic of sex into every conversation and link it to having sex and would embarrass his female friends. This was his identity.

His wife was a doctor in the military but she died due to his unnatural act. She regretted it and was heartbroken by the heartlessness of the rapist. When there was no trace of his plot, she died. Whom would she tell that this rapist, dressed in the garb of decency, is doing very heinous acts.

When I got the news of his wife’s death, I was heartbroken and went to his house on his call. Despite having a nice big house on 51 Shreesh Chandra Vasu Marg, he used to stay in his house to do bad deeds because after the death of his wife, he used to sit on the faces of the women who came to express their sympathy and have sex. He did the same thing with me since his house was secluded and no one had any clue about the misdeeds he was doing and he would openly give me oral sex and have oral sex. He was such a wicked and despicable sinner. He used to call himself a Brahmin and an intercessor and used to scare me.

I was a victim of complete oppression and sexual abuse by a completely abandoned woman. I am writing this incident so that no woman should get entangled in such a fake and false love affair out of sympathy for someone. Don’t lose your respect and fall in your own eyes.

That person’s name was or is Dhirendra, which means he must be alive and living a luxurious life by covering up his sins. That evildoer was the stigma of the land of Prayagraj and will still be there.

Jogeshwari Sadhir Sahu


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