श्रुति जी एक सच्ची एनिमल lover वे बालाघाट मप्र रोटरी क्लब की अध्यक्ष रही है

They dont want to survive animals

The people of this society have this dirty thinking that only mean people like them will remain in this world and the rest of the living beings like dogs, cats, birds, butterflies, moths will be destroyed and animals are meant to eat and not to kill, so if Aarti ji When she fed a hungry lame dog, they all fought with her and together they dressed up and put on make-upThey are killing people by wearing nice clothes as if they are doing some great work. These women’s society and the secretary here have a very dirty selfish thinking that dogs and cats cannot survive in this world, while the dog lovers and feeders themselves are She is taking the law into her own hands and is disturbing the peace of the society and the environmentIt is destroying the eco-system because everyone on this earth has the right to live. If it was not so as these disgusting women think, then why would God have made innocent innocent people, they all wander around dying of hunger and thirst and Salute to the bravery of a dog lover like Aarti who risks her life to feed themSalute to Aarti ji, we honor her for her courage and she is truly a gem of this society, she should not only be praised but emulated

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