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Toothache and Clove-Alum


Toothache and Clove-Alum
I am suffering from toothache due to a childhood mistake of biting my tooth with a stick one day. That part of the molar tooth had got damaged since childhood due to which I continued to suffer from pain later on. Then it broke into pieces and now the last piece is stuck to the gum and it hurts.
I had gone to the doctor long ago for dental issues when I was 32-33, now I am 60+ and I do not see any benefit from the doctor. The way the doctor taps the tooth with a steel rod looks scary. I look at the dentist’s board and turn away.
In this way, now I myself am sucking the cloves by keeping the cloves in my mouth. I fell asleep with the cloves in my mouth. When I woke up, there was a lot of pain in that part. The gum around it was also swollen and painful. So, after getting up, I mixed salt and a little alum in warm water. I swirled it in water and warmed the tooth with the same hot water and found relief in pain. I am writing this.
In fact, she used to apply too much paste on her teeth and brush them, now even she is not doing it due to pain. A little relief also gives a lot of relief in pain, otherwise the gums and the area around the mouth also hurts. A person with toothache does not feel like talking to anyone. Would. Clove works as a kind of disinfectant and pain reliever. Hope you will also try this recipe or else there are dentists these days who open their clinics on every street and corner…
Jogeshwari sadhir 


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