Two brokers in Mumbai

2Brokers in Mumbai
Surjeet ji gave me the number of a writer so that I could contact him, I did so, he connected me with another broker and I got the room. We were worried about coming to Mumbai, so when the broker helped us get a flat and shift quickly, I also started considering him as genuine.
And I used to say good morning to that writer every day and even met him 2-3 times to discuss the script but he had no such talent or he did not express it. My husband did not have a good effect of my interaction with a stranger, he became quite dejected and his health was worsening. I was worried about my husband’s treatment but we did not get information about the right doctor or hospital. The husband’s condition deteriorated and he passed away.
Now this writer and broker helped me in how to prepare a death certificate and provided guidance and help in completing all the formalities. My sister, brother-in-law and brother also came for the last rites… In this way my son and I got some support.
One month later, I called that writer one morning to invite both of them for dinner in some good restaurant. In this way, when I called in the morning, the writer was overjoyed and he immediately asked for a loan of Rs 10,000 from me. I did not understand what to answer, I refused, he kept saying that he would return the money on 20th, that was on 10th September.
I was sad and blocked him from everywhere. When I told this to another broker, he said that this should not be doneBut later I realized that this was a trick of the same broker and apart from this, they along with Vinay Unique’s secretary got me out of there before 4 months. But I am happy that the reality of a cunning person who asked for a loan as a friend was revealed to me.
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