W and Chotu two little angels

W and Chotu two little angels…

W and Chotu two little angels

Written by Jogeshwari Sadhir Sahu


Today, my heart is bursting while writing this heart-wrenching story. Who would have imagined that those little angels would suddenly walk away after showing off their hair like this. There was not even any inkling. Just one day I had a dream that my mother had come in the dream and had brought two shiny white pockets as if she had stitched them and was saying to stitch them a little. Then I told my sister that mother had shown me two very sacred white clothes in my dream and asked me to stitch them.

So Didi had also said that those white clothes are very sacred, I had also said that this is a very auspicious dream. But little did I know that she was talking about the coming of death and the preparations for the shroud. If I had even the slightest idea, I would have treated those little angels with so much love and attention. She would have given him a lot of pleasure and got him treated, but she had no idea about it so she remained careless and he went away. She couldn’t stop him. My mind is getting very burdened while writing so much, so now she will stop and write the rest of the story.

How did both of them come?

By writing about how both of them came into our lives and home, all that burden goes away when suddenly they met us and as soon as we met, they got separated.

Then it was the time of Navratri, it is only between 3-4 months and it was raining a lot. Then a female dog, which used to come to our house and eat, would get upset when I gave something to a bitch named Lali in the courtyard. Jhunki used to drive away redness. Then along with Lali, a small dog named Tillu would also come, but our house dogs Timmy, Bhuru and Jhunki would not allow him to eat at all. He was also very scared and whenever I gave him something to eat, he started running away.

Tillu then was the last day of summer and the beginning of rainy season. He used to run with all the dogs, although Timmy, Bhuru and Jhunki were not allowed to eat him, but he was happy. He would come and pounce in front of Timmy and Bhuru and want their friendship but they would not let him eat anything. If I would go to give him something to eat, he would run away in fear, he would go ahead and I would follow him with biscuits, but he would not be able to eat the biscuits due to fear, then I would keep the food near the gate, then all the dogs would bark at him and drive him away, even though he wanted to be friends with them. . And he enjoyed being with everyone. But on the other side, a house was being built next to the Dhuniwala, the workers there always used to beat him, that day someone hit him with a brick and he went mad. Then everyone beat him and chased him away and he ran away. I remember that day he was returning hungry and thirsty and then he was not seen. Due to fear I could only say, Hey! Tillu, haven’t you eaten anything?

Then one day the dog lifters came because they had been informed that the dog had died. My heart was broken then because I understood that the dead dog was Tillu and got disappointed.

After that, I used to find Lali, who looked like Tillu’s sister, often coming near my car or standing on the road when I was going out to the market or coming home. Then I would buy biscuits and donuts from Sindhi’s shop and give them to Lali. She was also very scared. Meanwhile, Jhunki would come to our house and eat all the biscuits etc. given to Lali. Later we came to know that Jhunki was pregnant with a child. Now we would give her food but she would not eat bread, she would only eat biscuits and donuts or eat sweets, chivda and puri. It was going well like this, everyone would have liked to give food. Everyone eats together, barks and does not allow anyone, especially any other animal, into the street.

Jhunki would often hit Lali if I gave her something. Jhunki used to beat Lali. Poor Lali would secretly take food from me because Jhunki would knock her down and bite her.

The rain was passing like this. It rained a lot this year. When I returned from the market, I used to give milk to all the doggies Bhuru, Timmy, Jhunki.

Similarly, during Navratri, when it was raining heavily, Jhunki gave birth to children and kept them inside the drain. The drain was covered but the children were getting dirty. Then Jhunki kept the children under our stairs. And she herself sat under a car. I found him and gave him milk. Then she came at night and covered her children and slept. I gave her a Jaipuri quilt so that she could keep the children there. But her two children died crying in the next days.

I had to take those dead children away and I felt sad, then we all started looking at the remaining two children. Now she lived with the children in another place, under a cupboard. They were growing a little but would not even be one month old. I thought of shifting the children somewhere but she did not have the means to take them anywhere. At that time she was playing comfortably with the children, I used to let her eat, then I threw water on her and she got upset and went away. I felt very sad. She did not come for the whole day. Now I started feeding powdered milk to both the children. They sat near the gate. The rain had reduced but it kept coming. Those puppies were also sitting near the gate getting petted by her, when a fat puppy whom I called W went missing, I was very worried that W was stolen by someone.

Now I started taking care of Chhotu who was very weak. Jhunki would come and caress Chhotu, but after drinking the milk, Chhotu would come inside and sit on the stairs, where I had kept my feet covered. When we slept at night, Jhunki took Chhotu also. Due to the departure of both the puppies in this way, I started cursing myself out of sadness that I don’t have even the slightest patience. He used to be so fun.

Then we followed the herd to find out where those puppies were, so we found them in the house in front of us. We found them for a few days. We used to go at night to see those puppies and were confident, but the owners of the house asked the laborers to remove the puppies. Till we came to the nearby house, Tillu lived on the other side but the laborer there used to beat him. Here in the new house the puppies were living happily and Jhunki used to roam around leaving them behind. The puppies recognized me when I went to feed them, came near me and wanted to follow. But they were allowed to stay in the same house but it was raining and the road to there was not good.

One day I heard the puppies screaming, so I ran to that empty house where puppies were lying on the floor in front. Tillu was carrying a puppy somewhere holding it in his teeth and he was screaming a lot. Then I hit Tillu with a piece of brick, he left the w and ran towards me in anger, when I ran, he grabbed my chunri. Somehow he was chased away by hitting him with a brick. Tillu had gone mad with hunger. Frightened, I brought both W and Chotu to my house and kept them there under the stairs.

Now there were two new guests at our house and my time started flying by in their entertainments. My time started passing in the care of those little innocent puppies. Even Jhunki would go away after feeding her milk and these little puppies would wander around and play mischievously in the courtyard. Many times she would run to see him when he would go out. Among these, Chhotu was very weak and his hair was falling, so she would bathe him with warm water and apply ointment. In this way my time started passing under his care.

Who knows how many videos were made by making their videos and posting them on YouTube. If she used to go out like this, her videos with music would be posted on Facebook and would be liked a lot. Good bonding was formed between all the doggies. We all would go for a walk from 5 in the morning. In this way there was always hustle and bustle in the house and courtyard.

Now W and Chotu started roaming outside and barking. When he was out a lot, she worried that he had not come yet. She would wake up at night and prepare one thing after another for breakfast in the morning. She would feed them biscuits in the morning and take them for a walk. My heart was filled with joy due to his mischiefs. He always used to run around the house and courtyard jumping.

Days passed like this. Chhotu was so courageous and audacious that he would fight even with his own elders and would start barking in the eyes of the local people. He would come and warn me and say, drive these puppies away, don’t let them eat. Then when I told Pandey madam, she said yes, feed them whatever you want to feed, kill them if you want.

I just told them – If you want to kill, then kill, I can’t chase them away and will feed them.

After this, when poor Lali had children, she became very weak and, who knows where, she kept the children hidden in the grass. Whenever I saw him, he would bring me sweets, give me donuts and feed him. In this way, whenever Lali was fed, everyone would bark at her and Sindhi’s wife would shout to drive them away. Then Lali’s child was found dead one morning in the cold. I remembered that he wanted to follow me in the evening. And I couldn’t understand how to help such an innocent puppy, I don’t even have any helper with whom I can do anything, I feel completely alone. Couldn’t suggest anything and help so he died in the cold. I thought that Lali would not keep him anywhere but where would she keep him? They were chasing him away from everywhere and people did not let him stay even for a short time.

In this way, Lali’s children were killed. Another child also wanted to come, but there were already five dogs in the house and she was tired of doing so. Even throughout the night our puppies would bark and we would create ruckus here and there on the road. There was a lot of commotion due to the barking and running of all the dogs. I would have liked it but other people would have been scared.

One of Lali’s children was brought up by a girl from the house on the other side, and our puppies used to bark at her, due to which she got angry and came to warn me to take care of them otherwise you will see.

But I understood that no one would do anything like this. These people also did not allow Lali to come or eat anything, so she became weak due to the killing of her puppies. One evening, I saw Lali, who had become very weak, going to meet her puppy Tuffy. I became emotional remembering the scene of seeing her meeting her puppy for the last time. Then she was not seen. I kept coming and going with sweets in my purse for her, but she was not seen. She also left with the memories of her children who died in the cold in her mind. A young female dog, who somehow nursed the puppies by feeding them her own blood, but people did not allow her to keep the puppies safe in any enclosure or garden in the cold, they kept throwing her out, then a terrible dog would come and bite those puppies at night. Lali used to fight with great courage and our dogs also used to go to save her.

In this way Lali got separated from us forever and disappeared from our sight. Similarly, that afternoon in the rainy season, I saw Tillu, hungry and thirsty, and my heart was hurt. He had returned to where he lived to sleep in an exhausted state, but the cruel laborer beat him up and drove him away. There was no food to be had but he lost his place to stay, he lost everyone’s company, so Tillu went somewhere and died of hunger. Then the municipal officials came to ask if any dog ​​had died? Someone had told that so. I understood that Tillu had gone mad and died of hunger and thirst. Then I felt very sad.

People say that these are abandoned dogs but no one fulfills the duty of giving them shelter and women cruelly plan to kill those innocent helpless creatures.

Here Jhunki and all our dogs were having fun with the puppies, so I would get up at midnight and play with them and go out. I was planning that if I would leave the city, how would I keep all this. Everything was planning. I also got him vaccinated for rabies and he slept very well that night.

Then she was going to bring a belt for him and was going to go to Seoni to take her son to the doctor. Mother appeared in the dream and was saying that she was giving me two very white blouses like some clothes to be stitched, then mother had given hints about the death of the puppies but I did not imagine anything, I was busy considering it to be a good dream but who can avoid it. Was.

In those days it rained and there was a very cold wave. On the roof of the house behind the house, the kittens kept crying all night and the winds were also blowing with strange sounds. Even in dreams I would see something that I couldn’t understand.

I was engrossed in Chhotu’s play and games and was always thinking about where I will take both of them to some new place. They both were also having fun playing and eating. Chotu used to go far and always roam around. W used to sleep before evening. Whenever we went out for a walk, he would come and see us. They would chase me and ask if they would come along, I used to drive them away with wood.

That night, before the full moon, something must have been given to him so that if he fell asleep in the evening, he would remain asleep throughout the night. On Purnima, a meeting was held at Sindhi’s place that these innocent people were to be killed. Sindi’s lady used to say that because of these dogs the customers are afraid of coming, she would always keep shouting and blabbering, but I did not understand that the matter was so serious, I thought that by shouting people would become quiet and by threatening them they would become quiet. Before this, a laborer threatened me that he would kill these puppies. But I kept thinking all the jackals were crazy and I didn’t even get a chance to pay attention so that I could understand.

That night the innocent child slept and even in the morning he did not go out for a walk, neither asked for biscuits nor milk, nor ate or drank anything. When I asked, my husband said that he would be fine. Keep wandering here and there throughout the day. W came in the afternoon and I laid him down nicely to sleep and started playing music for him but he was nervous, his condition was very bad. When he woke up and vomited, I washed his face, made him sleep well, covered him with a sheet, put a pillow, covered him with a shirt, his eyes were sinking, I thought he would sleep peacefully and then he would be fine. When I called the doctor that these puppies had been poisoned, he said not to let them eat or drink anything. Both of them were not eating or drinking themselves; they died after remaining hungry and thirsty for more than two days.

I was running continuously and was exhausted. She was asking where Chhotu had gone. Somehow Chhotu came earlier in the evening, she bathed him, wrapped him in a cloth and made him sleep. Both the brothers used to sleep side by side and I also got tired and slept in the same way.

When I woke up at 11 o’clock in the night, I saw that Chotu was not there. I had put a lot of clothes so that they would not feel cold. W was sleeping soundly, in fact he was dead, but I thought he was sleeping and after feeling Chhotu, I turned on the light and saw that he was lying on one side. I said that he used to sleep with his head on the bed, how is he lying differently today. फिर उसे अच्छे से कपड़े पर रखी ढांक कर बोली -छोटू.. छोटू.. रे.. तो वो हूँ.. हूँ करता रहा.

फिर सो गईं. मौत आ रही थी उन्हें ले जाने तो भगवान ने मुझे खूब नींद ला दिये थे ताकि मै परेशान न होऊं और मौत अपना काम कर सके. शाम ही अगरबत्ती लगा दी थी. रात दो बजे छोटू खाँसने लगा और मै बोली -जा!बाहर जा!

उल्टी होंगी करके बाहर जाने हुआ पर नहीं जा सका वंही फर्श पर कटोरी भर खून की उल्टी किया और अपने बिछौने पर सो गया मैंने भी फर्श पोंछी और सोने दी.

कटोरी भर खून गिरा था समझ गईं नहीं बचेगा पर नींद आ रही थी मै बहुत थक गईं थी. दो दिन से पीछे छत की बिल्ली के बच्चों के लिए भागदौड़ करते थक गईं और इधर मेरे नन्हें फ़रिश्ते मुझे मिस करते मौत के आगोश में चले गए.

सुबह के पहले 3बजे ही नींद टूटी तो देखी w को छूकर तो ठंडा बर्फ हो गया था ये तो चले गया बेटे को बताई. बेटे को भी नींद आ रही थी. फिर तैयारी की कि खुद ही गाड़ी से ले जाकर अच्छे से मैदान में रख आउंगी. सब चादर, पैर पोश और तकिया सहित w की बॉडी को गाड़ी में सामने रखी रोते जाती थी. कोई तो था नहीं पड़ोस में जिसे बताती. वो औरत जिसने धमकी दी थी पिल्लो को मारने की वो 5 बजे सुबह देखकर इत्मीनान से हमारी मुसीबत का जायजा लेकर सो गईं कि सुबह सबको तफशीस से बताएगी कि हम पर क्या बीती थी.

मेरे शेर मुझे छोड़कर जा रहें थे. मै हतभागी अपने हाथों उन नन्हें शेरों को उठाकर गाड़ी में लाद रही थी आखिरी बार उन्हें श्मशान के पास मैदान में ले जाने. W की बॉडी थोड़ा बास भी आ रही थी यानि बेचारा रात मेरे सोते ही गुजर गया था तभी तो शाम 4बजे लगातार मुझे देखते रहा तो मै बोली -ये w घबरा मत मै नहीं मारूंगी.

पर वो मुझे देखते रहा और उसकी आँखों में पानी आते रहा काश!मै डॉक्टर को बुलाती तो बच जाते पर कैसे? माँ ने तो सपने में आकर उनके कफ़न सिलने कही थी. उनके मौत की आहट थी पर पदचाप मै नहीं पहचानी. मै तो मासूमों को सदा साथ रखने ले जाने का प्लान करते रही. पर वो तो मुझे ठीक करने मुझे सुख देने और मेरे बेटे को सुधारने आये थे. उन्हें कंही छोड़ दूंगी कहती तो बेटा बीमार हो जाता था. उनके साथ खुश रहता और कहता -मम्मी!इनके लिए बिस्कुट लाना है.

ज़ब w को कह रही थी -तुझे नहीं मारूंगी मत डरो.

तो बेटा बोला -मम्मी!ऐसा कहो… जल्दी ठीक हो जा.. मै तुझे फिर मारूंगी.. Tough love!

ज़ब पौने छै बजे w को ले जाने वाले थे तब छोटू की सांस चल रही थी तो बेटा बोला -मम्मी!इसे अभी नहीं ले जायेंगे.

मै भी बोली -हाँ!सांस चल रही है.

हालांकि इतने खून की उल्टी के बाद वो नहीं बच सकता था यदि बचता भी तो बहुत तकलीफ होती उसे बहुत तेज पावर का poison दिए थे.

तब w को जाते देख कर छोटू इतने तेजी से बेहोशी में ही पाँव चलाने लगा चारों पाँव उसके चलने लगे जैसे दौड़ रहा हो कि मै भी भाई के साथ खेलने जाऊंगा उसे अकेले मत ले जाओ.

तब मैंने छोटू को पकड़ कर जैसे उठाई पहले तो हूँ.. हूँ हुंकारा दे रहा था पर इस बार उसकी आत्मा ने पूरा जोर लगाया और वो अपने प्यारे भाई के पास चले गया उसका साथ देने साथ जन्मा और साथ ही मौत में भी चले गया. छोटू ने तुरंत साथ छोड़ दिया था. मुंह खुल गया पहले तो दाँत जमे थे ज़ब उसे मै कपास से पानी पीला रही थी सिर्फ होंठ खोल रहा था और कैसे अपने प्यारे भाई का साथ देने कि w डरता है कैसे अकेले रहेगा करके छोटू ने उसके साथ जाने तुरंत प्राण त्याग दिया. मैंने आत्मा की शक्ति देखी भाई का प्यार देखा.

दोनों साथ जनमें साथ खेले और साथ ही मरे.

दोनों को साथ में श्मशान में लिटा आई.

रात सपने में दिखे w मेरे बेटे के पास आकर लाढ़ कर रहा था. मेरे बेटे का गाल चूम रहा था और छोटू मुझसे लाड़ करा रहा था. हमेशा खेलकूद कर मेरे पास आकर बैठ जाते थे दोनों पाँव पोश में और सो जाते थे.

भीतर मैंने उनके लिए पेटी पर गद्दी बनाई थी चादर डाली थी पर वंहा नहीं रुके बाहर आकर मेरे पाँव के पास सोये. रात भी दरवाजा खुला रखती थी ज़ब भी उन्हें टॉयलेट जाना होता चले जाते थे. ऐसे थे मेरे शेर…

मै सोचती हूँ ऐसा करती वैसे करती पर मुझे सुख देने बेटे को cure करने आये थे नवरात्रि में माँ ने भेजी थी अपने योद्धाओ को और ज़ब काम हुआ तो बुला ली.

हम सबने खूब इंजॉय किया जीते तो बहुत आनंद मनाते पर दुश्मनों को जलन हुई मार डाले. इस जहर में भी मुस्कराते हुए दिलेरी से मेरी बात मानते हुए गए ऐसे थे मेरे सच्चे साथी दोस्त. अब नहीं लिखा जा रहा.

रोज रात को भुरू 12बजे रोता है उनकी माँ भी उन्हें उन जगहों पर ढूंढती और सूनी नज़र से तलाशती-देखती है. पहले ये सब देखकर कलेजा फटता था पर अब मै तेजी से शिव का जाप कर रही जो उन्हें मुक्ति देंगे जहर की तकलीफ से छुटकारा दिलाएंगे और मेरी छोटी बहन मंजू बोली -वो और अच्छा नया जन्म पाएंगे.

मै उन्हें अच्छा भोग लगा रही ताकि शिव उन्हें नया जन्म दे माँ शीतला अपनी गोद में ले. वो कभी मेरे हाथ में नहीं आते थे भागते ही रहते थे आज़ाद थे तो उन्हें बांध नहीं सकी.

जोगेश्वरी sadhir sahu

Jogeshwari sadhir sahu @copyright




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